Little People College Child Development Center
Little People College Child Development Center

Our Curriculum

  • Reading Readiness

Oral language development; readiness for books; discrimination of sounds; repeating a
pattern; discrimination of letters; ability to recognize printed name; building
sight vocabulary; recognizing rhyming words; retelling stories and past
experiences; and most importantly - the discovery that reading can be a great
source of pleasure and fun.


  • Math Readiness

Concepts of big and small; few and many; more than and less than; basic numbers 1-10 and 1-100;
telephone numbers; addresses; simple addition and subtraction; calendars;
telling time; money concepts; introduction to computers; geometric shapes; and
measuring. A variety of learning activists are provided to make learning more


  • Science

Lessons consist of a variety of simple experiments and experiences. It involves investigating,
listening, and manipulating. It also means asking questions. The children will
be introduced to pets, plants, the change of seasons, the five senses, night
and day, and much more. The opportunities are endless.


  • Art

Primary and secondary colors; cutting, pasting and gluing; painting with media and
textures; weaving; Paper Mache; mobiles; holiday projects; seasonal themes and
personal creations; Not only is art a lot of fun, it also promotes visual motor


  • Practical Life

The children are introduced to a variety of tasks often performed in daily life. They include
folding a blanket, setting a table, washing dishes, pouring water, washing
hands, buttoning, snapping, tying, and buckling. This curriculum also includes
stranger danger, telephone manners, emotions, safety rules, and community


  • Music

The children are introduced to songs and musical instruments. Concepts of rhythm (fast and
slow), pitch (high and low), and volume (loud and soft) are experienced.
Children are encouraged to participate during circle time and during large
motor activities.


Little People College Child Development Center

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Accepting Ages 12 Months to 5 Years Old (child must be walking)


Low Child-Staff Ratio


Loving, Dedicated, Certified Teachers


Strong Academic Curriculum - Concentrating on Phonics


Provides Two Daily Snacks

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