Little People College Child Development Center
Little People College Child Development Center
  • Toddlers

At this stage your toddler will start to experience a somewhat more structured classroom
routine, He or she will learn valuable skills such as taking direction from
adults other than parents, how to co-exist with other children in a learning
environment, and how to share. Or Staff understands the challenges that
toddlers face in a social learning setting, and have experience in helping them
adjust to the give and take of the classroom environment.


  • 2 year - olds

As Toddlers become two the world is theirs. Children begin to socialize more, and enjoy
being part of a group. Teachers recognize that two year olds want to try
everything themselves. With this age group, the children are able to work on
many new skills. These include dressing and undressing, improving on eating,
potty training, and all aspects of self care. Children are able to handle the
routine of the classroom, and begin to make choices for themselves. This is a
time of exploration.


  • Pre-School

The preschool children take full advantage of the variety of material available to them. In
this stage of a child’s life, the world is filled with wonder, and there are
many questions to be asked and answered. Teachers challenge the children with
continually changing themes and materials within the classroom. Many of these
ideas come from the children themselves. The classroom offers activity areas
which include blocks, manipulative, water and sand, dramatic play, a quiet book
corner and art. Large motor development skills will be challenged on the
playground outdoors. Children this age can now play cooperatively, and begin to
problem solve on their own. Their attention span is to a point where they can work
on more involved projects, and play simple games.


  • Pre-Kindergarten

At this age, children will be exposed to beginning reading, math, science, and writing
skills. They will use Bob Books and Hooked on Phonics, which involves story
prediction, comprehension, rhyming patterns, and phonics. Our math program
includes the use of manipulatives, such as rods, counters, and patterning
blocks. Circle time is different each day, yet we always do calendar, seasons,
and show and tell, and stories. Children are continually encouraged to write or
dictate stories. Our science program is a combination of planned topics, hands
on activities, and cooking projects. These children are always prepared for


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Accepting Ages 12 Months to 5 Years Old (child must be walking)


Low Child-Staff Ratio


Loving, Dedicated, Certified Teachers


Strong Academic Curriculum - Concentrating on Phonics


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